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Divine Connection

Divine Connection Music Ministry consists of young and older adults who love GOD’s music and who are sincere in their worship to who GOD is.  This ministry was birthed out of the St. John “Bible” Baptist Church Celebration Choir.  In the early part of 2015, a vision was given to Elder J. Lindsey Williams to expand the ministry of his church choir beyond the membership of the church walls.  On May 5, 2015, Divine Connection held their first rehearsal; in which GOD moved and stamped his approval on this ministry.  The rehearsals for this ministry have always, and shall always continue with prayer, praise and worship to usher in GOD’s presence.  Divine Connection believes if they continue to focus on GOD and his anointing first, He will continue to open many doors.  In a short period of time, they have been blessed to travel the local streets of New York and the highways of this country.


Divine Connection has opened for some of the nations top gospel artist and will soon record their first album.  Most of the songs sung by the choir are original songs written by Elder J. Lindsey Williams, or re-arranged by Elder J. Lindsey Williams and Elder Joseph Howell. 

Lindsey Williams & Divine Connection's membership is now open to all Sopranos, Altos, Tenors & Ministry workers.  Contact us at for more detailed information!



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