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It is a pleasure to introduce you to ROCKSOLID Muzik. ROCKSOLID Muzik is a music entertainment company of substance, versatility and most importantly, a company that desires to enhance, enlighten, and empower individuals through music and the arts. ROCKSOLID Muzik is based out of New York City and has traveled across the country conducting music workshops. Our musicians and clinicians have years of experience working with leading gospel artist of the last ten years.


We specialize in building music ministries in the local church and helping to lay the foundation needed for structuring a successful music ministry. Additionally, we use this opportunity to bring communities and churches together to experience a professional side of music. We take great delight in bringing the "Big Stage" experience right home to the local church, especially in cities where celebrity artists do not reside.


ROCKSOLID Muzik workshops include 3 seminars/clinics and a concert, typically formatted as a 3- Day Workshop & Musical Celebration.

Seminars and clinics are designed to address your specific needs.  For more information on workshop packages, please complete the booking form.

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